Navigating the world of music rights. Wait, what?

For decades, independent artists have been creating and fueling powerful moments; yet they haven't been honored in a way that values their contribution. Here is a snapshot of the current digital music landscape:

  • small businesses in the U.S. are playing music in their space illegally (often times, without knowing) and could face a substantial fine during an audit

  • thousands of online videos are using music (copyrighted content) without the proper licenses obtained

  • artists are signing away their rights to publishers, labels or libraries that don't value their work

Bottom line: you need to license music in order to legally use it. But don't let the complexity of licensing keep you from giving artists what they are rightfully owed. I'm here to help take care of those needs for you, to make sure you have the right license(s) in place for your project by working with and supporting rights owners and licensors who got mad love for their artists.