Uncover your brand's
music disorder.

Helping your business place better background music,
creating better moments with your customers.

Effective use of sound means building a strategy to pick and create music that helps people understand the brand’s place in their world.
— Joel Beckerman
Photo courtesy of  Death To The Stock

Photo courtesy of Death To The Stock


Songs that don't reflect your brand's music personality is an opportunity missed to connect with your audience. What's playing in the background of your retail space, event, or film influences how they buy, how they engage, how they feel.

The right music elevates experiences.

You're thinking, "So how do I cure my music disorder?"


fricky fresh.


Credit artists where credit is long overdue.

I work with rights holders and reps who got nothing but mad love for their artists. You can support artists work, too.


Your Personal Music Stylist


Three things I absolutely love: consuming music, working with artists/labels/publishers, and placing music for projects. I've spent the past 6 years pitching music globally for small brands, independent films, ad agencies, production houses, game trailers, and the world's top brands. With over 4,000 pitches to date, I hone in on narratives by working with brands and their teams, and picking music that brings out their story. I'd love to get to know your brand!